The title sounds a little ominous. Whenever people ask me what my husband does for a living I cringe. I never know what exactly to say. I have a hard time explaining it to others when I don’t quite understand it myself.

Most of the time, I’ll just say “He does computer things” and if the person is as computer illiterate as I am, that’s enough and everyone is happy. If on the other hand, the other person has some interest or knowledge about computers, they will ask, “What exactly does he do?” or “Hardware or software” “Linux or windows”. A nervous laugh and a change of subject doesn’t always work (yes, I’ve tried it). Sometimes if I’m not really in a mood for chatting, I’ll say “He’s a system administrator for the Children’s Hospital” so they think he’s some hot-shot doctor.

Yesterday, I thought I really should get to know this person I married and his love for all things computerised and technical. I found one of his computer magazines lying around. It was was absolute horror I read the front cover:

SECRETS REVEALED: Catching Hackers in the Act!

MIX IT UP : How to mix retro fashion items with the newest stuff instore? Nope. Recipes for Cocktails? Nope. It was actually about Mixing Mac, UNIX, and Active Directory

PRACTICAL TIPS AND TECHNIQUES : How to build a desk? Nope. How to get the kids to listen? Nope..It was about Responding to a Network Breach

That was all I could take. I threw the book on the floor as the realisation dawned on me – My husband was reading the COSMO of the computer world. Not only is he a computer nerd, but I am sure after seeing his magazine, he is indeed the bimbo of technet. Oh the shame!!!