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1. Husband brought home a “Calculus” textbook graciously given to us by my Nerd! brother. I am actually looking forward to doing some calculus (with husband, too) when I have some spare time. Nerd!

2. Our whole family sat glued to the seat watching Mythbusters last night, offering our own hypotheses and conclusions on given results and complaining about the way experiments were set up. Nerd family!

3. I love crosswords. Nerd! I love CRYPTIC crosswords. The angry colour gains a point!

4. I cried when I got less than 90% for a mathematics exam in highschool. Nerd with no friends!

5. Husband and I love fractals. Nerd! We love them so much we bought a Fractals calendar so every month we could marvel at the mathematical genius of the fractal. Nerd! Every new year, we search for a fractal calendar but for the past 2 years cannot find one. We are bitterly disappointed. Nerd! Mandelbrot rocks. Nerd plus imaginary one!

6. We have purchased items from this website. Nerd! The items were actually for our CHILDREN. Nerd plus infinity!

7. I was most upset when watching an episode of Stargate Atlantis when the story seemed not to follow conventional physics. Nerd! I was contemplating never watching another episode again. Star Trek would never have made the same mistake. Nerd snob!

8. Husband and I love Monday nights because it’s Media Watch night. Nerd!

9. I hate it when people make grammatical errors. Nerd! It’s worse when they make spelling errors. Unforgiving Nerd!

10. I married a nerd. We have nerd children. Nerds for world domination!

11. I think I’m cool. Nerd in denial!

The internet stole my last post (and boy you guys really missed out on something good). I’ll try and rewrite that one another time but…now for something COMPLETELY different – I was going to talk about guilt but when checking my blog stats saw that someone came here looking for advice “4 year old” throwing tantrums.

I felt horrible – this poor (most likely parent) came here searching for some ideas on what to do for his/her 4 year old. Well, in case this person happens to visit again I’m going to help. View full article »

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