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Tomorrow is my last day at work. *sob* I look forward not to leaving my children, but going out into the “real world” albeit for a short time. Before my children, work was my life – I was very career-driven. I did overtime without batting an eyelid if it meant I would learn something new. I was forever doing extra research at home – difficult cases would consume me so I couldn’t sleep. I would check up on my animals even though I wasn’t on call just to make sure they were ok and being looked after. One rude client could ruin my whole day.

After the children, things changed. Priorities changed. It isn’t that I care any less for my cases or for the owners. It’s just I see things from a different perspective. Any extra minute I am away from my children is time they need to compensate me for. If I come across an rude, difficult client or a potentially litigious case I’m honestly not that bothered by it. I’m calmer at work even when it gets busy and clients are getting angry and nurses and reception staff are losing their minds. I think that’s why I’m so much easier to get along with now.

It isn’t that I don’t care – it’s that I know now what’s important to me. Do I feel I’m not as good a vet because of it? On the contrary- I feel I’m more able than when I was working full-time 55 hour weeks. I’m going to miss the bunch of people I work with and the really cool clients I’ve come to know and of course the beautiful animals. I’m going to miss the adult conversation and the using my brain thing but I can always keep my brain working with the homeschooling and reading.

I will most definitely miss having someone else clean up after me. I can’t begin to describe the joy of being able to make a huge mess in my consult room, leave the room to check something and return to see someone else sweeping up the dog hair and wiping my table down and cleaning out the dirty syringe kidney dish. *BLISS* All this without asking!! Oh yeah..the other thing I’m going to miss..someone else making me a cup of tea!

My son could hardly contain his excitement when waiting in line for the jumping castle. When he noticed the castle had large pillars around the perimeter, he screamed out to his father, “Look!!! Giant capacitors!!”

For those who aren’t sure …Capacitors

Both father and mother are extremely proud.

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