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1. Thanks to everyone for their comments and duas. Alhamdulillah all is well with baby. My older boys are enjoying the new addition though my 5 year old is really feeling a little left out – he has a cutesy younger brother who is such a crowd pleaser and now we have the new brother who is obviously attracting a lot of attention. It can’t be easy for him and now he’s showing his displeasure, frustration and loneliness by acting up. I haven’t been the most receptive of parents and that’s been making things a lot worse. I am trying to be more understanding and to be patient with him. InshaAllah things will improve.

2. I’ve been thinking of doing an entry about the whole bird flu epidemic (yeah, I know..BORING!). When I get the chance.

3. The physiotherapist at the hospital : When I sit forward and let my stomach out, my anus relaxes just like that!

4. I’ve declared war against the neighbour’s tom cat. Stop peeing on the boys’ bikes outside and for goodness sake, if you’re going to spray urine through the bathroom window and get my husband square on his head…at least wait until I’m there to see it or better yet…… wait until I’ve got the video camera.

5. Off to bed now

My 5 year old has spent the last 3 months building his first rocket.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 toy workbench (generously donated by older cousin)
  • 2 old computers including all the cables, CDs and a mouse
  • wires of any shape, size, form
  • various broken toys – remote controlled cars, lego pieces
  • rags
  • cereal boxes, plastic cups
  • shiny blue box that you really wanted to use for something else
  • any object you’ve been trying desperately to throw away
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