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Well, school hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. 5 year old is enjoying himself immensely. I don’t have to coax him to wake up and get ready and he’s always keen to do his homework (can you believe it – they make even grade 1 kids do homework!)

I notice he is much more keen on trying to write – I had trouble getting him to write anything while homeschooling. I think being around other children, watching them and with some gentle encouragement from his teacher he is taking that step of at least TRYING. 5 year old, like me is so afraid of failing that he figures it’s just easier not to try at all.

He seems to be a lot more responsible too. I’m not sure if this is because of schooling or whether he would have progressed anyway. I don’t have to remind him to help make his bed or take the towel to the bathroom or to do his reading. Along with that, he has settled down quite a lot in class. The first two weeks he was in trouble often for not sitting still. It’s difficult for him to sit still for any length of time (please no comments that he has ADD or ADHD). He listens better when he’s moving around so I hope his learning hasn’t been sacrificed for the benefit of the teacher.

I don’t mean to sound too negative as I can see some definite positives about traditional schooling. I still have some reservations though. 5 year old has heard a few “bad” words – swearing and one word which I would classify as a racist term though others would disagree. You spend 5 years instilling good habits and kindness and teaching them how to be polite and use only good words and all that into your child and when you put them into school they’re at the mercy of what OTHER parents have taught THEIR kids. The worst part? He’s learnt these words from a Muslim friend.

Another thing about school – those silly rules. I can understand the rule about not running on the walkways, the rules about eating lunch before being able to play but I overheard one teacher telling her children the rule about walking and talking. Guess what? The kids aren’t allowed to walk and talk. “When we’re walking, we’re not talking,” she says in her sweet baby voice. I ask you oh intelligent readers of my blog WHY CAN’T YOU WALK AND TALK? You can accidentally slip on your tongue? I mean – where else in the world do you have such silly made-up rules? I have been trying very hard to think of instances in normal, everyday life that a person might not be able to walk and talk simultaneously and have come up with NOTHING bar a funeral procession and how many of those do we attend?

5 year old class has library day on Thursday where the children borrow ONE book. It’s supposedly to encourage the joy of reading but he can’t actually borrow any book he wants. Proving once again he is the child of nerd parents, 5 year old wanted to borrow a 101 science experiments for little children book and well, he was told in no uncertain terms that that sort of book is NOT a reading book. Huh? So every Friday we return his proper “reading” book (after I’ve read it to him of course!) and borrow our favourite science book. Librarian if you ever come across this blog, please understand that all books are reading books and if you want to encourage children to enjoy books and enjoy reading…let them borrow WHATEVER THEY WANT.

Another rule I hate is the tucking the shirt in rule. Ok..its looks better and we all want to look neat and all but my boy looks sooo adorable with his shirt sticking out :)

We have parent-teacher interviews in a couple of weeks. I’ll let you all know how a formerly homeschooled (albeit for a year and even then only for preschool) child fairs in the traditional schooling environment.


I haven’t got the time or the inclination to post anything about our intolerant government so go here and see what Umm Yasmin has to say. She pretty much sums up how I feel about it but she’s so much more polite. Halal meat pie anyone?

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