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The boys are getting excited, ready to have a play with playdough for a little while before 5-year-old heads off to school.

Me (planting the seed in 5-year-old) : You know, if we were homeschooling we’d do this EVERYDAY for as long as we wanted.

5 minutes later the boys are arguing.

Me: Oh for goodness sake! Just split the colours up and SHARE with your brother. Let him have some of the BLUE! Just give him some the blue colour!! See? NOW WAS THAT SO HARD?

Husband (ripping the seed out) : You know, if we were homeschooling, we’d do this EVERYDAY.

Hrrmph. Not only did he take the seed out but he totally dessicated the surrounding soil and added some lethal toxin such that NOTHING will grow there for a good few weeks.

Back to the drawing board.

Spot the baby……

Where is he?

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