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Thanks God

Because we’ve all been feeling a bit depressed at my house, I’m going to do a “thanks God” list (stolen from DP):

1. My children: the way my 9 month old throws that spiky ball across the room because he HATES it so much. Precious. 2 1/2 year old being a right angel at the dentist the other day. 5 year old for settling in so well at school and trying his best at everything, especially handwriting which he loathes.

2. My husband: for looking after me and putting up with me and washing the dishes all the time especially the pots and pans. For SOMETIMES taking the garbage out and for sticking with this budget even when it looks like it isn’t working. For taking care of the children when I’m not in the mood and for encouraging me to leave the house once in a while.

3. My cats: My chubby checker – for looking for me at night when the kids have gone to sleep so we can have a little bit of time together IN PEACE without being poked at and screamed at and having your tail pulled – I’m so sorry. You’ve mellowed a lot since the children arrived. I am not forever mercurochroming scratches from their little hands. And the skinny minny – for just being so darn cute sitting in front of the heater not even realising your tail is BURNING.

4. My sister in Jordan: Thank God for the internerd. I am still able to talk to her about anything and everything and I know she is listening on the other end. Not just typing the “I’m so sorry”s but actually meaning them and caring for me and having the time for me, even if she is busy studying for her exams and presentations. I can’t wait to see you again.

5. Burger night every Tuesday.

6. The RAIN. Ok – i’m not getting any washing done but THE RAIN! Woohoo!


This from a parenting website:

In the race to reach the major milestones — sitting up, crawling and walking — some kids lead the pack while others bring up the rear. Just remember, growing up is not a race and the early leaders may fall back later. Each baby will reach each milestone when he or she is ready — and not before. But if you’re afraid your baby’s falling too far behind, here’s reassurance:

Did you all get that – it’s a race but remember IT’S NOT A RACE.

Just so we’re all clear on that.

As you were.

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