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Here’s a sample of the phrases I find myself repeating to the boys ad infinitum these days:

a) The couch is ONLY FOR SITTING. It isn’t a place for jumping or standing and it’s most certainly not a place from which you can hurtle yourselves across the room!

b) Put your pants/nappy/shirt/socks back on.

c) No we cannot go to Naani’s house.

d) I love you guys!

e) Ok, you’re going to have to be quiet for a little while – I’m putting M to sleep now.

f) I said, “Quiet please.”

g) SHHH!

h) He isn’t going to go to sleep because he keeps hearing your voices. Please be quiet!

i) Ok well he isn’t sleeping, let’s all go to the spare room and play.

j) Choc chips are not breakfast food.

k) You can’t have choc chips for morning tea.

l) Ok ok! You can have choc chips for morning tea. *sigh*

My eldest is on school holidays and while it’s only been ONE day (both of fasting and of the holidays) we seem to be doing well alhamdulillah. I’m not doing any formal lesson plans but I do notice if I have something arranged for the day, the boys are not so bored and destructive. That’s the key to keeping my boys out of trouble – keep them busy so they don’t have time to think up myriad ways of destroying, annoying and hitting. Plus now we own the house, I’ve been sticking things on walls all over the place. Next I’m going to write on the wall with permanent marker..just because I can.

Wednesday I will be heading over to the Southbank for my workshop. My ego has taking a severe battering when I was told only THREE children (out of a possible TWENTY allocated places) have booked for my workshop.


On a brighter note, it means I won’t have to do too many templates and I will have plenty of time to help the kiddos.

*wipes tears and feigns happiness*

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