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I haven’t been feeling like posting much lately.

InshaAllah everyone had a great Eid and om gosh I think this new Firefox (version 2) that husband installed has some built-in spell check..

My grandmother passed away two days after Eid. She was 81 years old mashaAllah and died peacefully in her sleep. She managed to fast the whole of Ramadan and Allah was merciful enough to let her see one more Eid before taking her away in the manner she always wished. It’s been a sad few days for us. I want to write more about her, how she lived her life and how loved she was (and still is) but I just don’t know how to start and if my words will ever do justice to the pious woman she was.
Please remember her in your duas tonight.

We’ve been getting a few quotes on insulating our home. Anyone have any experience with this? Batts or loose fill? Cellulose or wool? Foil or no foil? Whirlybirds or no whirlybirds? In any case, I’m looking forward to walking into the house in the middle of Summer and have the rooms be COOLER than outside. It’s supposedly a competitive business with companies cutting corners and being less than honourable.

Husband and I are suckers. If someone is nice to us we don’t mind paying exorbitant amounts of money a little extra. I think I might have turned the tables a bit though (UNINTENTIONALLY I might add):
Geoff: “Good morning Kasmiya, it’s Geoff calling from Some Insulation Company. We had an appointment for 7 tonight but I’ve just heard about the problems on the SE freeway and I was wondering if I could make our appointment a bit earlier?”

Tasmiya: “Sure. No problems. What time?”

Geoff: “Hmm..maybe this afternoon. 1 o’clock?”

Tasmiya: “That’s not a problem. Sounds good to me.”

Geoff: “Thank you so much, Kasmiya.”

Tasmiya: “No worries. 1 o’clock actually suits me better, too.”

Geoff: “Ok. I will see you at 1 o’clock then.”

Tasmiya: “Yep! Ok.”


Geoff: “Ok.”

Tasmiya: “Ok.”


Geoff: “See ya!”

Tasmiya: “Bye.”

Geoff: “Bye.”

Tasmiya: “Bye.”

Geoff: “Love you.”

Tasmiya: “Love you too.”

It started out as one of those awkward goodbyes and quickly turned into something completely EMBARRASSING. Did he actually say he LOVED me? He can’t even get my name right! And did I actually respond IN KIND?

Geoff has given us the cheapest quote so far.

Just sayin’.

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