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1. My sister has started a book club.

2. I have joined.

3. We are doing the CLASSICS. (I’m secretly wishing Enid Blyton is considered a classic – It would be terribly, awfully, disgustingly nice if it were truly so!)

4. Husband (on successful weight and dietary management): I wish I could build a device that – once you swallow a morsel of food, the food gets teleported out of your body!

5. As a treat husband will buy the boys batteries, wires and LEDs and other electronic gadgets instead of chocolates, lollies and NORMAL CHILDREN’S TOYS.

See here and here for more

Mostly for my Australian readers though this phenomenon (sp?) may have swept the whole world in which case OH MY GOD, WHEN WILL IT STOP JUST MAKE IT STOP OR I’M GOING TO HURT SOMEONE SOON:

Are you just SICK and tired of the frangipani stickers on car windows?

For the rest of you/those who don’t know what I’m talking about – how is the weather in your part of the world?


If you think this is all a ploy to get people to comment then you are sadly mistaken absolutely correct.

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