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1. I have lost my stash of saffron. A Desi without saffron in RAMADAN. Ya Allah!

2. I have discovered the joy that is baskets for storage. I have baskets coming out of my ears at the moment and will be heading to the very special basket place to buy more. I will not reveal my secret source no matter how much you torture me so don’t even ask. OK OK! I’LL TALK! It’s the shop near The Warehouse – it’s called HOMZ. Sheesh you guys are mean.

3.  Already halfway through this blessed month. Of course I haven’t done as much extra praying, Quran reading or good deeds as I had hoped. How is everyone else doing? Are you into the swing of things yet? For me it isn’t so much the hunger or thirst but the exhaustion that is a killer.

4.  School holidays are upon us and I really feel sorry for my children. Lack of sleep is really taking its toll on me and I haven’t been very enthusiastic when it comes to organising things to do. Alhamdulillah this year they seem to be quite ok to keep themselves occupied for the most part which is indeed a blessing. I will try and do something a little more adventurous (like actually getting out of the house for something other than shopping) next week inshaAllah.

5. I have 2 weeks off from work (which in effect is actually only 2 or 3 days since I am just a part-timer but STILL – it’s holidays!) I am very excited at the prospect of having a lazy Saturday morning, getting up late and maybe a leisurely breakfast in bed. Oh wait. 3 small children who wake at the crack of dawn. Ramadan so no breakfast. OK. Scrap that. I’m still excited.

6. There isn’t much to blog about lately so I am thinking of stealing alienbea’s idea of “Reader suggested” blogging. I think shaz did it a while back, too.  I am such a thief.


I haven’t spoken again about my sweet cat. He died shortly after being diagnosed with renal failure. It was a peaceful death. He just slowly stopped breathing. No struggle. No pain. I do believe he had given up on living long before I had given up on him. I continued with his subcutaneous fluid administration, giving him his antibiotics in the faint hope that this was somehow curable. He on the other hand just wanted to be left alone. To die.

We buried him under his favourite tree in the front yard.

I don’t think I will ever know a more beautiful cat. He was such a treasure. He never once hurt the children, even when they carelessly stood on his tail or purposely (in the case of one year old)- pulled his whiskers. He was always happy to see us and followed us constantly.

Wudsie you are sorely missed by all of us (except for Adam (our other cat) who actually seems to be enjoying himself now that you have left.)

And so to cheer you all up after that, here is a picture of Wudsie a few days before his death. Wud-you

And for those of you who appreciate a bit of black humour:

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