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So here I am, hopefully my sins are being expiated as we speak for I have picked up the “dreaded lurgy.”  2 year old has caught it too and he is very sad. It’s a strange virus – attacking in waves. One day it’s like we are on death’s door and the next day we are fine and dandy, only to be hit again the next day.

I cannot put off the questions any longer as I know you are all awaiting my advice and you cannot possibly continue living without hearing from me.

So shall we proceed?

Mona asked:

i have a truckload of questions for you.
1. should i buy a new couch? or upholster my old one? (cost is around the same)
2. how should i celebrate my thrid wedding anniversary?
3. what is the right age for children to start watching a bit of tv?
4. what should i make for dessert today?

1. Oh dear. Decor is certainly  not my forte I am afraid. One need only come visit my home (that is not an invitation to would-be stalkers) to assess my very poor taste. I am amazed though that reupholstering costs so much! Do you like the style of the old couch or is it horribly outdated? You may actually LOVE the outdated look (especially if we are talking 70s retro style). And the all important question that Muslim women should NEVER forget to ask – WHAT DOES THE HUSBAND THINK?

I would go for the new couch. Reupholstering would take a while and I am impatient. Plus I shudder to think what the upholsterer may find at the back of my cushions – half eaten sandwiches, marbles, cat vomit, orange seeds and apple cores. The shame!

2. Third wedding anniversary? The theme is leather. Need I say more?? *nudge nudge wink wink*HAHAHAH!

I think a nice date without baby would be wonderful. Not that we don’t love our children to bits or that we want to be away from them but it’s important to make time as a couple. Parents tend to spend all their time nurturing their children and forget to nurture the relationship that brought their children into the world in the first place. If babysitting is a hassle or you cannot bear to part from little boo for a MOMENT plan an intimate, candlelight dinner for two at home while she is sound asleep in the next room.

3. There is no way of sugar coating this one and I know there are many who disagree with me but the right age for children to watch TV is NEVER. That isn’t to say my children don’t watch TV – it’s just very hard to police in my home – “ONE MORE SHOW PLEASE MUM ONE MORE SHOW PLEASE MUM ONE MORE SHOW MUM ONE MORE ONE MORE ONE MORE ONE MORE ONE MORE?” Once you start there is no going back. It’s like stepping into hell. TV is the black box of doom in my home.

It’s a wonderful way to keep the children entertained when you have a million things to do though which is why it is so appealing (to me and to others.) If you are going to put the TV on for little one, I suggest staying with her and still engaging with her. It’s never a substitute for the love and caring of an adult.

4. I am in the middle of trying something out and if it works, recipes and pictures will follow. It looks so easy even I could do it. If that fails, I’m actually a big fan of jelly (the halal kind of course) and ice cream.

Yes I am a 10 year old at heart.

specs said:

Why am i posting? because you asked me to come out of the wood work…(i feel like a termite now, lol)

My question is:




what was the question?

This, ladies and gentleman is by far the most profound question so far. It’s along the same lines as trees falling in the forest and one hand clapping.

I will let you all ponder that while I continue..

Dahlia said:

What is Australia like? Have you lived anywhere else? If so, how does it compare? Are there a lot of Muslims – what is the community like? I could probably ask a million questions along this line, but I will spare you!

Australia is a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains, of ragged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains. Do you like that? I made it up myself. Actually I didn’t but if she hadn’t have written it, I surely would have! I lived the first seven years of my life in Zimbabwe. I don’t remember too much about it but I do remember being very happy in Zimbabwe. Australia is an awesome country – the people for the most part are very friendly although I have to say the only time I ever experienced openly hostile racism was in Australia. I was called the “N” word and I’m a curry! Racists are stupid, aren’t they? They get their minorities mixed up! We have a pretty good healthcare system and hopefully we never ever go along the US route of “pay upfront” medicine now that we have a change of government. Our education is so-so but apparently we are going to have a complete overhaul whatever that means. We have clean water and yes, we do occasionally see the odd kangaroo or wallaby while we are driving. No we don’t ride to school on the kangaroos or keep our homework in their nifty little pouches and no I have not eaten koala hamburgers. If you ask me specifics I may be able to give you better answers. Please also understand that I am under the influence of drugs and viruses – very bad combination.

In my city there are about 10 000 Muslims. OH MY GOD THEY ARE TAKING OVER. SEND THEM BACK TO THEIR OWN COUNTRY! Most of the Muslims live on the south side of the city (where I live).  The community seems to be split up very much into ethnicity. We have the “Zimbabwean mosque” and then the “South African mosque” the “Fiji mosque” and the “Bosnian mosque” Of course they don’t call themselves by that name, but you can see a definite lean towards certain ethnicities in certain masjids.

Umm Ibrahim said:

What should I cook for dinner today (that the kids will enjoy)?

How long will it take for my daughter’s fingernail to grow back? (She shut her finger in the gate and a week later the nail fell off) :roll:

Why don’t I see you on the IP forum anymore? :)

What should tortoises eat?

I don’t know about your brood dear Umm Ibrahim but my children will simply LOVE what I cook one day and the next time I make it, they will not have a bar of it. We used to have hamburgers every week (homemade ones – but the patties were butcher bought). They were quick, easy and the children always ate them until one day they all turned against the humble burger. So that was it.

Here are some quick meal ideas to get your children eating

- pizza – let them put their own topping so they only have themselves to blame if it turns out inedible

- curry and rice – it’s so underrated. My boys love the occasional Indian curry (my 2 year old prefers Indian food to anything else). I make an easy beef curry with blade steak, salt, chilli powder and pureed tomatoes. Put all of that in a pot of browned onions (say one large onion, diced and cooked on med/low with a bit of oil until tender and brown), cook on medium with the lid on and in a couple of hours it’s done.

- lasagne – this one takes a little bit more work and more washing up. You don’t have to do everything from scratch though – by all means go with a ready made sauce or preboiled sheets. Do they even have any of that stuff in KSA?

- when in doubt, make pancakes. My boys have all inherited my sweet tooth so we think nothing of supping over pancakes, maple syrup, raspberry jam and cream. Husband, that’s what we are having for dinner tonight.

I have no idea how long it will take for your daughter’s nail to grow back! How awful for her! OUCH. It may take a while – maybe a month?

I gave up on forums a very long time ago because I just didn’t have time for them. I could sit on the computer ALL day reading and writing in forums. That particular one was great for a little while but no offense to any of the sisters there and I am not averse to differing opinions and love a good discussion as much as the next person but sometimes you just want to go where everybody knows your name want to talk to like minded people and I think when it comes to parenting, there are already so many differing opinions on what is right and wrong, you don’t want to add the whole differing opinions on religion on top of all that, especially if there seems to be very little room for tolerance or understanding.

Tortoises? Oh my lordy we never learnt about tortoises. The only time I have ever seen them they have been mating! EVERYTIME I visit a zoo or similar and we come across the tortoises or turtles..they are mating! What is with that? I know zoos are boring and there isn’t much else to do but come on! I don’t want to see that! Have some manners!!

Why are you so funny?
How did you accumulate 11 bags of unused clothes?
Are you getting a new pet to replace Wudsie? Or have you already done so and did I miss the post?
Are these too many questions?
Do you want more?
Why did you stop the Tuesday questions for so many months?

Can I go on?

You remembered the question that should be asked often and always. Of course the answer is that Allah just made me like that! MashaAllah.

You know my sister has two boys and since they are a lot older than my two, she is forever giving me clothes. They are always in pristine condition and smell divine and of course I never have the heart to say no. Plus I store the boys’ old clothing. In short, HAND ME DOWNS. It’s all well and good when you have the children in quick succession but SEVEN YEARS I HAVE BEEN KEEPING CLOTHES. Now 4 year old is very fussy when it comes to clothing so a lot of the hand me downs have never been worn by him. I KEEP THEM IN HOPE THE 2 YEAR OLD WILL WEAR THEM. It’s insanity! Plus, husband and I don’t have many clothes but there is a lot we don’t wear. PLUS I keep all the baby clothes in case we have another one. *sigh*

Alas no cat could ever replace our beloved Wudsie poo poo. We do have another cat though – his name is Noodles and he is very sweet albeit a bit of hunter and while I hate to discourage what is instinct, I am really tired of walking in the garden and coming across a half eaten lizard or mouse carcass. I need to get a collar with a bell for him and get him microchipped, the gallivanter that he is. He has made friends with a cat down the street and a few times I have watched them walk along the street together. If they were human, I imagine they’d be holding hands and exchanging grammatically incorrect texts to one another.  OH HAI! MEET MEE ROWND TEH CRNR. kthxbye.


PLUS I have my sister’s cat – Amira. She is a bit chubby and a little cuddler. She likes nothing more than to sneak under the covers and sleep right next to me.

No no, these are not too many questions, the more the merrier. I am sorry that it has taken me so long – I have had to contend with a lot of stuff at home and the computer is such a huge distraction that I had to TEAR myself away so I could feed and clothe my children. You understand.

I really have no idea why I stopped the Tuesday questions – possibly because PEOPLE STOPPED ASKING THE QUESTIONS!!! If you would all be so kind as to visit on a Tuesday and post your questions religiously then I would not be in this bind!

taiba said:

Can african grey parrots eat bananas?

Yes, they can! Although it’s preferable to give them more in the way of vegetables as they end up getting a bit of sweet tooth. Green leafy vegs are good. Do you have a parrot? Email me some pics please!

mummyjaan is back! :

Why is it so hard to stick to diets?

Welcome back dear mummyjaan. I think it has a lot to do with the word, actually. Plus diets are by their very nature restrictive and intolerant. The whole time one is on a diet, one is thinking about all the things one will eat once OFF the diet. I am not going to go on about “lifestyle changes” and the like but I will use the tired old “everything in moderation” cliche because for the most part, that’s what seems to work. “Moderation” for me means having only ONE packet of biscuits in a sitting as opposed to THREE.

beyond said:

how tall are you and if you have to choose the best funniest parenting blog(since you are write funny too)which would it be?

My driver’s licence says I am 157 cm but I think I am closer to 154. I am not sure what that is in feet/inches but I do know in whichever measurement you choose to look at it, it’s SHORT.

I don’t read that many parenting blogs I am afraid and the ones that I do read don’t really go for the funnies so much as writing personal accounts of just how gosh darn hard it is to be a parent sometimes. I did read dooce a long long time ago. She must surely still be around, making obscene amounts of money from blogging (we should all be so lucky).

That’s it.

Suffering writer’s block at the moment but of course that will not stop me from profuse verbal diarrhoea – it just won’t be up to my usual standard. And I know how you all expect high class, literary genius from me – after all it’s what I do best. Apologies in advance for lack of flow and for complete nonsense.

So yeah. Back at work. Started a week ago. Busy day yesterday. Have heard of THREE cases of animal cruelty in the one day. Saw two cases for myself. What makes people do such horrible things to innocent creatures? I managed to finish work only forty five minutes after my shift ended as opposed to my usual one or more hours.

Today was awesome apart from countless meltdowns from the children, myself and husband. We like to do things together so if one of us falls apart, guaranteed that all of us will have had a screaming, tear loaded tantrum by the end of the day.  You know….to empathise. So since my quota has been filled (and let it be known the children unfortunately have no limits on the number of tantrums they are permitted) I am avoiding all things related to parenting for the moment. I call it “being mature and realistic about one’s capabilities” though I am sure there are others (husband may or may not be included) who view it as shirking one’s responsibilities or cowardliness or worse – BEING A BAD MOTHER.

I’m very happy the Olympics are over (they are over, aren’t they??! Please say it’s all finished.) And I better not hear ONE MORE WORD about Stephanie Rice or I am seriously going to hurt someone. By the way – SHOCKINGLY poor effort Australia. PULL YOUR SOCKS UP!

I have a new cell phone. Hopefully this one manages to work without battery power. I have a terrible time remembering to recharge things.

Forget that you ever read that third paragraph before you read this one. ..









OK. I am thinking of running parenting support groups. Because no matter what people say – parenting is HARD work and we could ALL use some support. Anyone on the South side of Brisbane interested in attending a support group that is welcoming, non-judgmental (yes you read that right) and accepting and understanding and loving? Say yes.

Oh and I will get to answering all your questions soon, I promise.

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