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  • sitting here on computer when I should be getting dressed and dropping off 7 year old at school
  • parent support group last night was big success mashaAllah despite 4 or 5 cancelling at the last minute
  • Noodles the cat is hungry so has taken to attacking the children
  • much crying ensues
  • 7 year old will be called 8 year old after tomorrow
  • does this mean I am the mother of tween? When do the tweens start?
  • he has requested 30 chocolate cupcakes, covered in chocolate icing to take to school tomorrow
  • having frantically cleaned and mopped and tidied up house ready for support group yesterday, the house is MYSTERIOUSLY as messy as it’s ever been this morning
  • trial work day at a different veterinary clinic on Saturday. I’m a bit tired of working late and coming home late so hopefully this new place will be a little bit more sedate but not boring (am I asking for too much?)
  • gym is going very well although it’s taken me longer than I thought to get out of my Ramadaan funk. I have had to drop weights and I can only jog for 10 minutes before I start getting short of breath. I was managing 30-60 minutes before my break
  • Noodles has now taken to attacking the other cats.
  • much hissing ensues
  • yes I HAVE fed him

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The most useful parenting website EVER - I am forever reading and re-reading the articles. I am planning on starting the certification training next year inshaAllah and I am starting up my parent support group through help from the wonderful people associated with this organisation.


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