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Topless ban to protect Muslims and Asians : Nile

Conservative MP Fred Nile says he wants topless bathing banned in NSW to protect Sydney’s Muslim and Asian communities.

Now isn’t that so very sweet of him? It doesn’t seem so long ago he was calling for the ban on the burka, opposing Islamic schools being built and calling for a halt to Muslim immigration.

Did he honestly think people would FORGET? Or maybe he has had a change of heart?

For starters, I really hate the way non-Muslims think they can speak for us without any consultation from Muslims at all. I don’t think I’ve heard any Muslim asking for a ban on topless bathing. Most of the Muslims I know that are opposed to it either don’t go to the beach or LOOK AWAY when they see a topless bather.

What is so bothersome about Fred Nile supposedly speaking for us is that it’s glaringly obvious to even the stupidest out there that he really doesn’t care what the Muzzies think. He isn’t really trying to save our delicate sensibilities.I really wish it were true though because the only other reason he would bring the Muslim and Asian angle into it would be because we are a convenient minority to blame for “unAustralian values” by the ignorant rednecks.

So you know, thanks but no thanks ,Freddy.

Shamelessly stolen from the now on hiatus sunnisister and the famous Mr Moo

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