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Where is the blogging mojo, my mofo friends?

I am trying very hard not to make this a “this is why I’m too busy to blog” blog post so let me try and think of something important and worthy of your valuable time.


I didn’t watch the Oscars (you know, tv is haraam and all that (JOKE!)) but I did hear who won and can I just say two things.

1. Slumdog Millionaire – completely overrated. Nice movie, but best picture???

2. Heath Ledger – he’s dead. And it really doesn’t take that much skill to pull off an unbelievable, larger than life caricature. Dead overactors shouldn’t get Oscars just because they’re dead.

3. If I haven’t lost my readers yet, this one is surely going to make me some enemies (including husband)- what is with the Hugh Jackman love? I don’t get it.

Ok those were three things. soz.


Yesh, I have deactivated my facebook account (again). This time it’s for roool.


State election has been announced! Am a bit of politics junkie (in my own school sort of way) so this excites me immensely. The Borg and Anna! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! He has no experience and she uses botox. FIGHT! FIGHT! Anna is ugly. FIGHT! FIGHT! I actually hope they both lose and the Greens get in but I will enjoy watching the mudslinging regardless.


Very proud of myself for finally washing the boys’ sheets and vacuuming their room. I was tempted to take a pic of the MOUNTAIN OF DUST AND CAT HAIR from the vacuum cleaner’s receptacle but then decided that would be way too embarrassing, at least a little MORE embarrassing than just announcing here on the blog for the world to read.

I will be facilitating (sorry hubsand, I know you don’t like that word) a telephone support group for parents very soon.

Parents from anywhere in the world can join (though with the time difference, you may have to wake up at 1am to join us in which case it may not be ideal for you.) Australian parents (especially those in MELBOURNE yes I am looking at you, crooked woman and in CARINDALE yes, mother of the earth that means you! are encouraged to join me.)

Those interested (it sounds wierd but I promise it will be tons of fun and you get to be supported in the mysterious, challenging unchartered territory of parenting) I make it sound like it’s the Amazon, please contact me at:

tasmiya (aaaaatttttttt)gmail(dddddooooottttt)com

It will run for one session a week for 6 weeks and BEYOND!


  • you don’t have to leave your home
  • you will learn excellent tools to allow you to deepen your connection with your children through listening
  • no judgement
  • strictly confidential
  • you get to speak to me


  • you get to speak to me

For more information on the Hand in Hand philosophy, visit the website

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