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I am not saying that we will go ahead with any of this and even if we do get some money from the tax man we probably couldn’t afford any of it and besides, we are probably going to save any money but here’s a hypothetical for you:

I love my house and although it isn’t inhabitable or in complete disrepair, there is so much that we can do to improve it. BUT WHERE TO START?

The walls are stained with crayon, children’s “washable” paint and scuff marks. There are chips on the corners where the boys’ bikes have bumped and they’ve been banned from riding in the house now. The walls are a dull, boring and a very clinical grey.

The carpets are stained beyond belief and it’s very embarrassing when I have guests. I want plush, stainfree carpets or better yet, hardwood floors or maybe even the new eco-friendly (dislike this term by the way) bamboo floors.

I would love to breakfast outdoors on a brand new deck but we have to fix the backyard’s atrocious drainage else along with my cup of tea, I will need gumboots.

So dear readers..what would you do? You are completely within your rights to add your own suggestion even if it’s to tell me I am being precious and spoilt and that all the money needs to be donated to charity and an Islamic one at that!


Really unwell at the moment. Horrible cough, sore throat, headache and generalised irritability.

So far haven’t needed to resort to DVD/TV to keep the children entertained which is a blessing.

School holidays are finally here and not a moment too soon. I was getting very tired with the school run, the homework and the nagging in the mornings. Cancelled gym today – i think I would have braved it but the children are not doing so well either. Alhamdulillah they are still happy and although they are all coughing, there has been no fever and thank goodness no grumpiness. Can you imagine the catastrophe if we all had the irrits?

I spent practically all day yesterday engaged in Special Time activity with the boys. They had one hour each which is by far the longest they’ve ever had. I usually manage 10 minutes each here and there and maybe even half an hour when I’m in a good mood so goodness knows what came over me to offer three whole hours! ¬†Yay me. I did allow a bit of extra time for travel, depending on where they wanted to go. Alhamdulillah they chose activities close by (and on the cheap side).

I haven’t decided on activities for the boys these holidays. I know that there are some wonderful shows/plays/musicals that are staged over the holiday break. I switch between wanting every day organised, jam packed with fun filled games, activities, entertainment, live shows etc etc to wanting them (and myself) to just chillax and enjoy the limitless time (of course it isn’t limitless really because they only have 2 weeks but let me just pretend.)

I love to see them outdoors, making their own fun with whatever is available. Mud is a big one as are worms and the occasional spider. There is nothing quite like watching the spontaneous play, listening to their sweet conversations and role playing. 8 year old usually orders the younger two around and while 5 year old will willingly obey, 3 year old is content to ignore the demands and carry on his merry way.

This time I have with them is precious and for now I am so happy to just let them be.

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