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Me: Remember when we were first married and we loved each other?

Him: Hey! We still love each other!

Me: Oh yeah.


I forgot.

We started our fasting and what a shocker of a first day which really had nothing to do with the fasting but a lot to do with poor child writhing in agony followed by mad dash to the toilet to begin a few days of vomiting, but alhamdulillah he is back in the saddle and it’s all business as usual at the Tasmiya Palace.

I will get to your questions when I have a free minute and thank you all for your patience.

So far so good alhamdulillah – I know everyone says that the first week is hard but I find the whole month a bit of struggle. For some reason I am doing a lot better this year alhamdulillah, mashaAllah and no evil eye here this is a good thing so just say mashaAllah and move on.

How is Ramadan going for you?

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