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Eid Mubarak! I probably should not say this but this month has been a shocker for our family – thank goodness it’s over! Alhamdulillah nothing is forever and things are looking better.

I am a little bit drained and don’t want to go into details about my day but I know you are all dying to know how I spent it (I was eating, thanks very much) so instead here are a few videos my boys have had on constant loop at my house. Nerds will appreciate.


Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and all of your duas. May Allah accept them and may He grant my mother a full recovery. I am amazed at the selflessness of those offering help. People have been calling, offering a comforting shoulder to cry on and giving practical help like cooking for us or offering baby sitting (and one such offer from Victoria – yes she is completely mad!) so we can just concentrate on being with my mum. My aunties have been particularly supportive and they have been watching out for us. Friends with whom I have lost contact have called to ask if there is anything they can do. I am truly humbled by people’s generosity and genuine concern.

Some days we are feeling positive and other days when we feel as though we will never get through this. My mother though, throughout it all has remained so hopeful and so positive that we can’t possibly show her our fears.

The surgery alhamdulillah went well. Mum’s chest was not filled with a blood clot but with pus! She was too sick to have the tumour/suspicious area of lung removed but the surgeon did manage to get another biopsy.

Mum is recovering alhamdulillah. She will be in hospital for 2 weeks, having IV antibiotics.

Histopathology should be ready any day now but I think we will only get the results on Monday.

More waiting.

More hoping.

And so much more praying.

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