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Yes! It’s been over a year and I have lost so many of my regular readers but have also gained some new ones along the way so hopefully this won’t all fail miserably in which case I will just pretend and make up my own questions from “regular readers and fans”

For those not in the know, here’s how it works:

Ask me a question. Any question. Personal/impersonal/mathematical/grammatical/parenting/vet related. Anything.

And I shall give you an answer.

See how easy that is?

Ask here in the comments and those wishing to remain anonymous may do so – you can even email me questions – tasmiyablog(at)gmail(dot)com.

See here for previous episodes of question tomfoolery!!

Why is it that while I am probably THE most disorganised person on the planet, I almost always think that I can manage anything and everything and so am more than happy to overschedule my days so I am running around like the proverbial chook without a head? Idle minds are the devil’s playground etc etc but for goodness sake, he’s hardly going to go swinging and sliding and see-sawing if I have a minute’s peace, right??

Tomorrow I have gym at 9:15, baby massage class at 10:30 (it’s free – I don’t think I could ever afford it if it isn’t – how much is an adult massage anyway and do babies get charged less since they’re so much smaller? Do they have a fixed fee/unit of surface area? They definitely use less massage oil) then appointment at 1:00pm, leave to pick up kids at 2:00pm. Home by 3:30 (because while it doesn’t take me one and half hours to get to and from school, I am almost always having to calm emotional meltdowns, forgetful children who need to check lost property for lunch boxes or hats. Then there is the occasional toileting accident, not to mention the time it takes not only to find a parking but to actually PARK the bus in between the lines.

My batter is going to die so I will sign off.

Will not be posting tomorrow (obvs!) but hope to get back to you on Tues. Might restart my (in)famous Tues questions. Stay stuned!

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