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You know how I said a long time ago that I would be loving the political mudslinging during the Queensland election? Well, it’s actually getting pretty nasty and while I would never put anything past our politicians, this is really below the belt (no pun intended, Pauline and really that choice of garment was very poor if it indeed it was you.)

I really don’t think that compromising photos (taken over 20 years ago for that matter!) have anything to do with one’s ability to govern. And besides, nobody has said for sure that the pictures are Pauline Hanson. The photographer (who got a tidy sum for his troubles) has said that he believes in his “heart of hearts” that it’s her. OLDEST TRICK IN THE BOOK. Anyone who says they believe something in their “heart of hearts” means that they are lying. eg. I believe in my heart of hearts that politicians have the people’s best interest at heart. I believe in my heart of hearts that you look lovely in that dress, darling. I believe in my heart of hearts that I am a good person. See? BLANTANT LIE.

Then the issue with Mark McCardle. The LNP are claiming dirty politics on this one and while I can understand that the events in question were over 10 years ago, it’s probably within the realm of acceptable bagging out candidates. IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.

But the fact that they are searching for things that happened decades ago to hang on the opposing candidates really goes to show you how screwed the Labor Party really is.

Political commentary fin

My weekend was wonderful.

Saturday was spent leisurely walking in air conditioned comfort, window shopping and just enjoying some “me-time” (I hate that expression by the way). The boys went swimming, we played games and watched their favourite TV shows (Spider man and Batman cartoons at the moment, next week it may be something else).

Sunday was our monthly book-club meet up. At a beautiful bookshop and teahouse. While discussing the finer points about our book and I will digress here for a minute to say that I think I am going to be a very hard to please reader because the book was truly beautiful. Beautifully written, beautiful characters and just all round beautiful story but this is why it annoyed me so much that the author felt the need to change font and bold sentences and add pictures and dice when it served no purpose and didn’t add anything to the story. It really interfered with my enjoyment of the book well anyway as I was saying before I went off on a tangent, when who should walk in BUT NONE OTHER THAN THE PRIME MINISTER OF THIS COUNTRY – KEVIN !!

He handed me my economic stimulus package personally and told me to spend wisely. Now I have to confess, I get a bit star struck. I got so excited when I saw BINDI IRWIN for goodness sake so you can imagine how OVER TEH MOON I was about seeing the PM.

Alas, I have no photos. This is the first time ever that I wished I had a camera phone. My boys are so jealous and have asked that we pop into Riverbend Books next week just in case he turns up again.

Then a spot of Special Time with my boys. We haven’t done any one-on-one play time lately and I can see how it’s affecting the children. We have had insufferable WHINGING, not listening, fighting and rudeness. So yesterday we played. 3 year old really cannot stand any creepy crawly animal and it was such a treat to see him shy away from the slide but the minute I flicked off the ants or the spiders, he was the courageous one once again. 5 year old has such unbending determination. He spent most of his time trying to master the exercise park and he won! 8 year old is bolder than I have ever been. He climbs the rock wall with ease, tries everything that the park has to offer while I sit on the side and watched. I did climb with him for a while but he was too fast for me!

In between special times I managed to make lasagne.

After supper, I tried to organise a family meeting. I was too exhausted to be a good listener and my boys were too giggly to take anything seriously. Meeting ended abruptly. I am ashamed to admit it was me who threw a tanty.

Books were read before bed time and I fell into a deep sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

How was your weekend?

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