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This morning began with me staying in bed altogether too long and husband giving the children breakfast. So NAUGHTY of me, I know! He casually walked into the room to tell me it’s 7:45am and my tea is brewing. HOW DO I NOT SQUEEZE AND HUG THIS MAN EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY I DO NOT KNOW.

7:45am means he is late already and I have half an hour to get ready and finish off the children’s crap.

And crap it is.

Paper mache hairdrying till 8:18! Can I just say that it was indeed a miracle that I managed to get through 12 years of schooling and never needed to do a lick of paper macheing the entire time. I KNOW! HOW the hell did I get so lucky?

Then there was scurrying around trying to find bit and pieces for another kids’ project involving designing a spaceship to the moon. I really detested these sorts of projects when I was at school. I was a strictly book and written test sort of person and I always thought the project design thing was totally a conspiracy or some evil plot devised by teachers to ruin my report card.

So. If I see another cardboard friggin roll or small strip of ripped up newspaper this month I will be doing some major damage.

And I’ve just checked the dining room table and son has forgotten a cardboard container for the project. Too late to drive back to school and get it to him.

*”Don’t you mean paper mache?”
“Wish I did, Kim. Wish I did!”

I received an email this morning, asking for volunteers to help out at election booths for the upcoming local elections:

Yasmin Khan need your help with her campaign on Saturday 28th April from 7am to 7pm – She has 14 booths across the Ward that will need manning and will need to have them all covered.

It is important that we are represented at government across all levels and this will certainly be a first for Qld – the first Muslim representative.

I would imagine it would be very difficult to be a Muslim politician, especially one who aligns themselves to the Liberal National Party.

It *is* great to be represented by a Muslim in government. However, once elected Yasmin Khan will be a spokesperson for the Liberal National Party, a representative of the Party that John Howard and Tony Abbott belong. The same party that Sophie Mirabella (of the hijab ban) belongs. If Yasmin Khan ever spoke for the Muslim community before, she will likely have to change and toe the party line.  Probably not too much of a conflict maybe, since local council don’t directly deal with immigration, racial discrimination laws and the like.

And even then, although Yasmin Khan promotes herself on the radio as a “Spokesperson for the Muslim community” nobody put her in that position. Does she speak for most of us? I don’t know. Who told her to speak for the Muslim community? Who told her that her to tell others that she is representative of the Muslim community. Clearly on the segment for Steve Austin’s show she speaks for herself, not necessarily the Muslims.

And you know what? The sad thing is that we could say the same for pretty much any Muslim standing for election. If I ever had some sort of brain freeze and I decided to contest elections, I would be a Greenie.  But the Greens party have many policies that most Muslims would not agree with (gay marriage being the obvious one)

It’s not to say that we should discourage Muslims from running in elections and becoming members of government, only that we kid ourselves thinking that just because someone is Muslim, they speak for us at all. Whether someone is a self proclaimed spokesperson for the Muslim community or an elected member of council, state or federal government, they cannot speak for us on all matters and all the time. It’s more true to say they speak for the political party to which they belong.

I don’t think I will be voting for someone just because they’re Muslim.

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