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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably all read/heard/seen the latest DEBACLE from the NINCOMPOOPS at Queensland Health. Outrageous. Husband had his hand in part of the new payroll but I honestly do not know WHICH part but all I do know is it ISN’T the part that stuffed up! Even so, am waiting for the paparazzi to come a’knocking on my door. Need to make sure I wear something nice for the cameras and practice my “NO COMMENT!”

So Premier Anna Bligh decides not to say too much about it at all in the hope that it all disappears and instead calls an emergency meeting with all the Labor MPs so they can discuss – guess. Just guess what they’re talking about. Go on. Guess.

Daylight Savings.

Are you friggin’ kidding me?  Talk about a smokescreen. Do they really think we are that gullible. Well, actually we are because it’s the new talking point now.  I’m not saying that state governments can’t do or act on more than one thing at once but PRIORITIES, people! This is like your teenage son coming to tell you that he’s fathered three children by three different women but what he really wants to talk to you about is SHALL WE HAVE ICE CREAM FOR DESSERT?

For goodness sake! Anna wants to know what Qlders think? Here’s what I think, Anna:


I promise my answers to your questions are coming very soon my lovely ones but I have been very busy.

So where have I been, you may ask?

I have been sunbaking and body surfing, shell collecting and whale watching (don’t hate!) but am finally back home. Husband is home for another few days (don’t hate) and I have totally embraced NOT doing the school run (don’t hate!) while husband fumbles with the children although I must admit he does a much better job at getting them ready than I do (DO NOT HATE!)

Tomorrow my mother has offered (and by offered I mean I called her and asked her if she could please please please only for a couple of hours and she finally relented) to take care of three year old (Genus: Coitus, Species: Interruptus) for a couple of hours tomorrow morning so that husband and I can be ALONE! TOGETHER! ALONE TOGETHER! DURING THE DAY!


Shall we just chill out at  home and watch a movie? Shall I clean the house uninterrupted while husband reads a book uninterrupted? Do we go out for coffee??

Suggestions, if you please.

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