I intend not to discuss politics again for a very long time but all of my international readers and those Australians who aren’t so keen on politics, please forgive me this one last post.

Random thoughts, quotes and text messages to and from susan on Saturday:

1. Please Liberal man, don’t come and hand me a “how to vote” card.

2. Are you watching the tally and peeing your pants?

3. “…and who the heck is the “what women want” party?”

4. Where are the corn chips? I need some chocolate STAT!

5. “If the Liberals win again I will cry.”

6. “Me too, mum.”

7. Woot!

8. I want to see tears dammit!

9. Bennelong! Maxxxxiiiinneee!

10. “Once the Liberal lose, it will start raining again and crops, farmers and the whole country will prosper.” (Husband’s prediction has indeed proven true as it’s a wonderful rain filled day today.)

11. “I wonder what Andrew Bolt is thinking right now.”

12. “You know we can’t rub this in any one’s face.”

“Yeah, you’re right. We don’t want anyone to feel bad or anything.”



Ahh, it’s a wonderful day today, isn’t it?

*Groan, yeah I know- pretty corny

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