Shamelessly stolen from Shaz although I dare say my day is not going to be as exciting and busy as hers:

I woke up at 4:30 this morning as 2 year old woke up demanding a feed. He climbed into bed and promptly fell into a violent sleep, thrashing and kicking. Husband got ready for the gym while I tried in vain to get more shut-eye. Realising this was impossible, got into the kitchen and melted a slab of chocolate for my breakfast to ice a chocolate cake I had made yesterday, washed the dishes and made rotis.

Oh my gosh, shaz – I am making rotis! And they are actually turning out properly – they are ROUND and attempting to rise a bit so it’s all good. Best of all, they’re edible. Once they were halfway done, 2 year old peeked into the kitchen, all smiles. I quickly made his favourite meal of all time (2 minute noodles alhamdulillah.) He ate all by himself. 4 year old then woke up – in a surprisingly good mood. He ate kand and roti (hot roti smothered in ghee and sprinkled with sugar). 7 year old was up last (which is very unlike him). He too ate roti for breakfast.

Husband returned from gym and we started our tag team shower/breakfast routine. Since the boys are only allowed 4 minute showers, while eating our breakfast husband and I take turns in organising them in the shower, out again and changing clothes.

Put a load of washing in machine.

Washed more dishes and ironed husband shirt, made beds and tidied up lounge. When husband and 7 year old left, finished off the remaining dishes and swept kitchen. Made morning tea for boys and organised my gym stuff.

Organised swimming stuff for this afternoon.

Went to gym.

Bumped into a friend and chatted for a while.


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