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Here in Australia we are very fortunate as citizens and permanent residents to garner financial assistance for child rearing. Among the payments is one for immunisation. If your child’s vaccination status is current (and I think there is a nationwide or statewide standard), you are entitled to about $200.

There are certain exemptions though (emphasis mine):

a recognised immunisation provider (e.g. your doctor) signs a letter or form saying that:

  • they have told you about the benefits and risks of immunising your child and you have a conscientious objection to immunising your child (your provider should complete a Health Insurance Commission Immu-12 form),
  • immunising your child with a particular vaccine is medically contraindicated (your provider should use the Health Insurance Commission Immu-11 form),
  • the child has a natural immunity to the disease, or
  • the vaccine is not available,
  • you or your partner are a member of the Church of Christ, Scientist and you have a letter from an official of the Church advising that you are a practising member of the Church.

I understand that some people do not believe in immunisations- that the reasons vary from “not necessary to vaccinate” to “how can you put that unnatural substance in your child’s body, I believe in natural immunity” and also “immunisations are a lie from the drug companies to get more money, you are all being brainwashed!” Now that’s their choice and I don’t want to get into a pro/antivaccination thingamy here because it just gets ugly.

I find it strange though that parents and carers are allowed to apply for the immunisation allowance when they aren’t going to immunise their child. It comes across a bit hypocritical. What do you think?

Fed 7 year old mango and apple and then we did homework. Got everyone toileted and changed ready for swimming. Got in car only to discover 2 year old had spilled a bottle of water over ALL the seats in the car. No time to panic – grabbed extra towels and we all sat on wet seats – no drama since we were all in our swimming gear anyway.



7 year old helped set the table and I started frying skewers. We decided that we wouldn’t have a shower today – we were all too tired and hungry. Made a salad and husband came home and helped out with salad, cooking and getting kids organised. Husband and 7 yr old prayed Maghrib together. Fed the kids. We sat down a bit later. Husband washed dishes as I veged out in front of computer (DP says don’t hate..just say MachaAllah).

Dessert – my chocolate cake.

Neighbour came over as her dog was sick. Went over to check dog out. InshaAllah he will be ok.

Came back home – kids already in PJs, teeth brushed and all! Husband is tops! Read a story to the older two while husband put the little one to bed.

Waiting for kids to sleep so we can exhale.

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