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“The war is so horrible! So many people died! Why do they even have wars?”

“Yes, it’s terrible, isn’t it? Who told you about war?”

“The teacher did. We talked about ANZAC day today. ANZAC day is actually sad but kind of good because people also give you chocolate eggs.”


Well, yes we can hardly help the fact that Easter and ANZAC day happen to collide this year but I have a feeling 5 year old will forever equate the two.

I have much to tell you about our holidays but still need to get the pictures sorted out. Instead I shall tell you about my school run this morning. I wonder if these sorts of things happen to other parents:

  • We woke up late
  • Kids took too long to get ready
  • So did their parents
  • Iron shorted out so was rendered useless – some clothes wrinkle free, others look like they’ve been slept in- like any other day, really
  • Time to leave – baby poos in her nappy
  • Children take out notes from before the holidays
  • You realise it’s time to go, right?
  • Someone suddenly realises that computer project was supposed to be done during holidays, maybe even Chinese homework
  • Excursions to be paid
  • Did I mention we have to leave now?
  • Notes to be written about why children didn’t turn up for the last day of term
  • Someone needed to look for their watch
  • Like right this very minute, we need to be in the car and on our way?
  • It’s time to go, people!
  • Couldn’t find watch so wait for ensuing tantrum
  • Luckily eldest finds the watch
  • We’re late!
  • Husband STILL at home, looks for battery for something he doesn’t actually need right now
  • Husband leaves for work, we leave for school
  • Get to school, someone accidentally flicks seatbelt into eye of their brother
  • Much crying and swelling
  • Victim not upset at perpetrator as he knows it’s an accident
  • However perpetrator feels guilty and so decides he isn’t going to school today
  • Try to coax perpetrator out of car
  • Realise this is going to take forever so kiss and hug 10 year old and send him to walk to school by himself
  • He starts crying because he doesn’t want to go to school
  • Well, if I didn’t do a computer project and my Chinese homework that I was MEANT to do then yeah, I’d not want to go to school either
  • Tell him gently that he has to face the music and he needs to try to be a bit more responsible next time
  • Kiss and hug him and he leaves, forlorn
  • Get back to perpetrator, explain that we need to get ice for victim
  • Finally concedes
  • Hurry so we get to ¬†office to get ice for eye
  • Actually, it’s not hurting now mum. Don’t worry about it
  • Hastily kiss and say our goodbyes
  • Come home to cry
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