The postings they have been infrequent.

I have a blog.


There is much happening here in Tasmiya Palace and not all of it good. Kids are on their last of school which you’d think they’d be pleased about but no. They are irritable, grumpy and ill-mannered! what the hell, boys? You are supposed to be happy and the sooner you figure that out the better for all of us.

I have cervical spondylosis = moderate to severe arthritis in my neck. What the hell? I am not even 40 and already my joints are rebelling.

So of course it isn’t just a case of arthritis is it? So new bone formation is pinching on nerve roots and discs are bulging and pushing on my spinal cord.

10 days ago I was normal.

What the hell?

Not that I am complaining or anything but I am not in any pain at all and very minimal discomfort. I don’t even need to take drugs.

What the hell?

So MRI and specialist appointments have been scheduled. Part of me wants to have dangerous, risk laden, painful spinal surgery just so that I won’t have to wait for things to get worse. Is that wrong? Am I being unreasonable? I will speak to the surgeon of course and trust that he knows best. I am comforted in the idea that I am surely not the worst case he has seen and thank God I am still able to function without problems. Others are not so lucky.

Working again. Only the occasional day when others have holidays but so exciting to be able to use my brain! Am working Christmas day which is usually full of sadness. Owners don’t usually come to the vet on Christmas day unless things are dire. I think I do more euthanasias on Christmas day than any other day of the year.

It’s December and it’s 24^C in Brisbane.

Not complaining but what the hell?

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