Tired of updating my scandalous http://www.amoray.com/ blog, here I am again on my mundane parenting blog.
6 months have gone by and what has changed really?

1. Kids are still kids; still simultaneously bringing joy, excitement, sadness and depression and anger OH MY GOD THE ANGER. I swear nobody makes me more angry than my children.

2.Still Muslim – I feel as though I need to add this in – so many bloggers (yes, another hoard of them) whom I used to read religiously (pun definitely intended) have left Islam/taking a break from Islam/trying another religion on for size etc etc.

3. Still working part-time and wondering if I can study for my membership. (No, I don’t think I can/maybe I can/yes I can do it/actually no I cannot.)

4. Still managing to be a mediocre housewife and cook although I’ve managed to delegate a few responsibilities to the children which has left me racked with guilt albeit while admiring my semi-clean house.

So. What has everyone else been up to?