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Saturday is our federal election. TOO EXCITING!!

My children are equally keen and want to know about all the candidates and party policy. 6 year old is already a staunch Greens supporter “because they are really fair” and 9 year old is still very upset at Kevin Rudd’s ousting, so he does not like Julia Gillard but he is horrified with Tony Abbot and Family First so he is unsure about who to “go” for. ¬†He did get all excited when he heard Bob Brown on the radio so another Greens voter in the making, God willing.

Found this amusing captcha when checking out the Greens’ website:



We spent a leisurely afternoon here while on our holidays.

I don’t have time for a commentary on everything that happened on our trip to the dairy. Suffice to say that the older 2 enjoyed themselves immensely while my youngest was terrified of any and every living creature he encountered.

8 year old made us proud by answering all the questions the guide asked (and thank goodness since his mum is a vet!) and 5 year old enjoyed very much enjoyed watching the “pancake poo! Mum! LOOK AT THE¬†PANCAKE POO!”*

They all loved the tractors.

*My pancakes DO NOT look like that!

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