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I don’t have it.

Where is it?

Where did it go?

I can’t make more of it.

I only have a little bit of it.

And none of it is for myself.

I have much to tell you about our holidays but still need to get the pictures sorted out. Instead I shall tell you about my school run this morning. I wonder if these sorts of things happen to other parents:

  • We woke up late
  • Kids took too long to get ready
  • So did their parents
  • Iron shorted out so was rendered useless – some clothes wrinkle free, others look like they’ve been slept in- like any other day, really
  • Time to leave – baby poos in her nappy
  • Children take out notes from before the holidays
  • You realise it’s time to go, right?
  • Someone suddenly realises that computer project was supposed to be done during holidays, maybe even Chinese homework
  • Excursions to be paid
  • Did I mention we have to leave now?
  • Notes to be written about why children didn’t turn up for the last day of term
  • Someone needed to look for their watch
  • Like right this very minute, we need to be in the car and on our way?
  • It’s time to go, people!
  • Couldn’t find watch so wait for ensuing tantrum
  • Luckily eldest finds the watch
  • We’re late!
  • Husband STILL at home, looks for battery for something he doesn’t actually need right now
  • Husband leaves for work, we leave for school
  • Get to school, someone accidentally flicks seatbelt into eye of their brother
  • Much crying and swelling
  • Victim not upset at perpetrator as he knows it’s an accident
  • However perpetrator feels guilty and so decides he isn’t going to school today
  • Try to coax perpetrator out of car
  • Realise this is going to take forever so kiss and hug 10 year old and send him to walk to school by himself
  • He starts crying because he doesn’t want to go to school
  • Well, if I didn’t do a computer project and my Chinese homework that I was MEANT to do then yeah, I’d not want to go to school either
  • Tell him gently that he has to face the music and he needs to try to be a bit more responsible next time
  • Kiss and hug him and he leaves, forlorn
  • Get back to perpetrator, explain that we need to get ice for victim
  • Finally concedes
  • Hurry so we get to ¬†office to get ice for eye
  • Actually, it’s not hurting now mum. Don’t worry about it
  • Hastily kiss and say our goodbyes
  • Come home to cry
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