This morning began with me staying in bed altogether too long and husband giving the children breakfast. So NAUGHTY of me, I know!┬áHe casually walked into the room to tell me it’s 7:45am and my tea is brewing. HOW DO I NOT SQUEEZE AND HUG THIS MAN EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY I DO NOT KNOW.

7:45am means he is late already and I have half an hour to get ready and finish off the children’s crap.

And crap it is.

Paper mache hairdrying till 8:18! Can I just say that it was indeed a miracle that I managed to get through 12 years of schooling and never needed to do a lick of paper macheing the entire time. I KNOW! HOW the hell did I get so lucky?

Then there was scurrying around trying to find bit and pieces for another kids’ project involving designing a spaceship to the moon. I really detested these sorts of projects when I was at school. I was a strictly book and written test sort of person and I always thought the project design thing was totally a conspiracy or some evil plot devised by teachers to ruin my report card.

So. If I see another cardboard friggin roll or small strip of ripped up newspaper this month I will be doing some major damage.

And I’ve just checked the dining room table and son has forgotten a cardboard container for the project. Too late to drive back to school and get it to him.

*”Don’t you mean paper mache?”
“Wish I did, Kim. Wish I did!”