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“The war is so horrible! So many people died! Why do they even have wars?”

“Yes, it’s terrible, isn’t it? Who told you about war?”

“The teacher did. We talked about ANZAC day today. ANZAC day is actually sad but kind of good because people also give you chocolate eggs.”


Well, yes we can hardly help the fact that Easter and ANZAC day happen to collide this year but I have a feeling 5 year old will forever equate the two.

7 year old: Mum what trick can I play on my class for April Fool’s Day?

Tasmiya: You could tell your teacher that for the holidays we are going to the moon?

7 year old: That’s a good one!

Tasmiya: Or you could tell all your classmates that Santa is in hospital.

10 year old: Mum, that’s a bit mean!

7 year old: But it does make sense that he would get hurt if he fell off his sleigh.

Tasmiya: Yes! He could have any number of broken bones. All the kids would be so worried that he wouldn’t be able to give them Christmas presents. They’d all be crying! HA!

10 year old and 7 year old: MUM!!


Thankfully my children are a lot less mean than their mother and nobody said a word about Santa. I would have thought 7 year olds would know the truth? What age do parents tell their children the truth about Santa?


3 questions for Tuesday Question – I promise to get to them soon. For now I am off to bed – my body is housing the dreaded lurgy and according to the experts, I must rest my weary head.

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