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I don’t have it.

Where is it?

Where did it go?

I can’t make more of it.

I only have a little bit of it.

And none of it is for myself.

Having 4 children, it’s always hard to get to places ON TIME. I was having a particularly difficult day and needed to get to the doctor for an appointment. Having managed to get my 4 children dressed and ready to go, my 6 year old had a meltdown for no apparent reason. I tried calming him down but to no avail. Eventually I managed to get him in the car telling him, “you can cry as much as you want in the car but we really have to go now.”
And so he cried and cried the whole way. He cried at reception and in the waiting room. I was calm, cool and collected (on the outside of course, we won’t talk about what was going on inside). Finally he calmed down and settled quietly into his chair. Then he nestled into me and I was thinking we were going to have a lovey dovey moment and I was going to get a hug and kiss. He came closer and then whispered in my ear, “I want a new mother.”

* Sigh*

At least I got to the doctor on time
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