So, Ramadan is nearly over – how are the Eid preparations going?

My sister has pointed me to the COOLEST SITE EVER for Ramadan and Eid stuff and mashaAllah this sister is so creative and crafty:

The Silver Envelope

I am sure you will find something you’ll love. Also, not sure how long it takes for postage and whatnot because if I remember correctly the sister lives in Jordan so ORDER NOW!!

I’m not the world’s most crafty person and I hate anything too fiddly. I’ve had a ton of fun making my own Eid cards and while they have that amatuer look to it (definitely not as classy as the silverenvelope ones), I’m hoping those I send them to will appreciate them.

What you need:

Old/new/scrap paper – plain/coloured, gift wrap, scrapbooking
Cardboard – I bought coloured cardboard specifically for cardmaking in a pack of 10. It only cost me about $2

Glue, scissors and craft cutter or stanley knife
Embellishments – beads, glitter, stones from old necklaces, anything else you might find useful

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