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This weekend, the family headed to New Farm Park to meet our dearest friends and have a picnic. ┬áNew Farm Park was affected quite badly by the recent floods but they’ve since cleaned things up and it’s open for business. It’s been years since I’ve been to the park and am amazed at what they’ve done to the playground. The trees are of course still there and still excellent for climbing (and how welcome it is that a park actually encourages the children to climb the trees instead of fencing them off worrying about litigious claims if someone happens to get hurt) and they’ve built a series of forts and obstacles around the trees so those children who might not be tall enough to climb the trees can still benefit from climbing, all under the shade. They’ve also added a huge web climbing apparatus which my boys spent hours climbing.

So while the adults sat under a nearby tree, feasting on such delicacies as a platter of olives, cheese, asparagus and tomato, or a serving of chicken and garden salad, coleslaw, crackers and spicy pumpkin dip, the boys ran around the park, climbing, jumping, sliding, making new friends and only running back to get themselves a drink of water. The company was just grand and the conversation flowed and we laughed till our bellies ached. We could have stayed there all day if not that our babies were grizzly and it was hot – about 34^C!

I should have taken more pics of the kids and the park but I was honestly too relaxed and enjoying the time under the tree with such dear friends to get up!

I (along with my friend, Meagan) am giving a talk on Building Resilience in Children tonight.

For those parents in Brisbane – I know it’s short notice and everything but here are the details:

Backbone and Bounce: Building Resilience in our children:

What can parents do to help their children bounce back under adversity, with a basic sense of confidence in themselves in spite of difficult circumstances?

And when a parent has a child who collapses when things are difficult, what can be done to build their resilience?

It is great time to refresh your thinking about resilience as your children face inevitable endings and separation, as well as the transition into Prep or another year at Kindergarten with new friends to make and many changes to adjust to. This talk will present some practical tools to address these issues and help parents to build resilience in their children.

Cost: $10 per family

Contact Meagan: 0422 937 646

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