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We are minus one in the Tasmiya Palace for a few weeks and we are all so very sad.

I am getting things organised for school. I cannot believe how quickly the holidays have gone and now already we are back to the crap that is school. ¬†I need to check my boys haven’t grown too much – hopefully their school shoes still fit them else it’s a shopping trip braving hoards of equally distraught and¬†disheveled parents. I HAVE YET TO COVER THEIR BOOKS.

Gah! So dang depressing.

I haven’t been to the gym properly and by the way things are going and judging on the children’s moods, we won’t manage to get there anytime this week. I am eating like a pig and can’t remember the last time I was on the treadmill.

So…yeah, sorry for dragging you all down – maybe I will post something to cheer you up?

Nah. Can’t be bovvered.


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