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1. I listen to 612 ABC Brisbane for the news but secretly enjoy the music they play.

2. If I see a person in the car behind me become increasingly annoyed with my slow speed, I slow down even more.

3. I will ensure I am close to the car in the other lane so that said annoyed person can’t overtake me.

4. I stick to the speed limit.

5. Most of the time.

6. The one time I have gotten a speeding ticket, I tried to blame it on husband (see? that’s your head there over the seat..see the bald head – that’s you…remember when you went to the gym so early that morning? Yeah, that’s you there – it almost worked until my mother had a look at the pic and remarked, “but that’s your scarf and you went to work on Saturday!”)

7. I secretly wish to get pulled over for a random breath test.

8. I think there should be a separate roads for trucks.

9. I ride the clutch.

So you know how we (and by “we” I mean most parents) say to forget about the housework and cooking and play with the children instead? Nevermind if the house is a mess as long as the children are happy!

Well it actually doesn’t work that way sometimes.

Yes, we should be prioritising and most of the time the cleaning can wait but if we always do this then we end up living in squalor (at least that how it gets at my house.) Here’s the thing with my children – when they are hungry they whinge, whine and cry often. They are not satisfied with the two minute noodles no matter how much I try with them; yes they will eat them but it’s never enough to satisfy the hunger. My children like to wear clean clothes (I know! It’s madness isn’t it?) and one of my boys hates to wear the same thing two days in a row unless it’s a tattered and threadbare tracksuit that should have been tossed out long ago but that’s a story for another time. My children run around outside then run in my house, lie on the carpet and sometimes eat while they’re walking.

My husband only sees me for a few hours in the evening and then again it’s only a couple of hours that is child-free time.

And then there is me, who craves a few minutes of alone time to blog, spoil myself or just have a pee in peace.

I don’t want my children to have to settle for two minute noodles everytime they are hungry which means I have to cook proper meals. I don’t want my children to wear dirty clothes which means the laundry, ironing and folding needs to be done. I don’t want my children to live in house filled with mud, dirt and cat hair all over the place so sometimes I will have to mop, sweep and vacuum, dust and wipe. I don’t want my children to want for time with me. I don’t want my husband to miss out on our time together and I would really love for me to have some time to myself once in a while.

I don’t know how to manage my time and it seems no matter what I decide, someone is not happy.

Any time-saving ideas on all this is greatly appreciated :)

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