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I was accidentally available for a meeting organised for volunteers to help for the school fete. So dragging my 2 little ones to the staff room not knowing what I was getting myself into, we sat down to discuss what halal food we would be serving, who would do what and how much we would be charging.

My son’s school is multicultural. The school fete runs about 5 or 6 different food stalls. Chinese Food, Malaysian/Indonesian, Korean, Greek I think and then there is the Halal food store. Now these are all organised by parents and other volunteers.

Talk began on what the stall had done last year. What food was served? Was it a success? How much money did we raise? Well apparently, the school doesn’t tell individual stalls the exact amount raised because get this..the parents get too competitive.

Nevermind that any profit goes towards bettering the school for everybody but some parents make everything a bloody competition. Telling people not to buy from certain stalls and STEALING food from other stalls. Last year a group stole a carton of oil from the halal food stall. STEALING, PEOPLE!

So we have been told to expect some sabotage. SABOTAGE? At a school fete for goodness sake?

Well, you know what? Game on, molls*.

Bring it ON!

* I do not watch this program but this particular expression please me greatly.

Dear School that is Responsible for Educating my Child,

If there is a class activity run AT the school, I understand that you might not classify it as an “excursion.” Fair enough.

Imagine my horror though when I read your newsletter stating:

This incursion will support the work being done in the classroom in the unit, Our Living World…

The opposite (if indeed one exists) of excursion IS NOT INCURSION! An incursion is a hostile attack or invasion. If my child needs lessons in attacking and invading and being hostile, I would have sent him to be schooled at John Howard’s office (HA!) And besides, how can the children invade the school they already attend?

I know you thought you were being clever but, really. This is a classic inample (please admire this joke post haste) of what I want my children to learn.
Incursioningly yours,

Miffed parent.

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