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More fairfax shenanigans! I think punographic headlines might become a regular.

Snort what they thought it was

Punography = 7/10

Groan Factor = 0/10

Oh of this one I do approve. But tha’s SNORT how you make porridge!*


He’s a Russian around the pole in 65 days

Punography = 2/10

Groan Factor = 10/10

There are no words. Really cringeworthy.


Conjoined twins play…apart

See here’s the thing. If they are now playing apart then they aren’t conjoined anymore, right? But is the reporter so devilishly clever that he/she is using it as a pun also as in playing a part/role in a school production? Oh I don’t know! *sob*

Formerly conjoined two-year-old twin girls walked, played and swatted at bubbles in the US today during their first public appearance since risky November separation surgery, which doctors said they had only a 50 per cent chance of surviving. far so good. They are formerly conjoined. But…

Still, the twins remain inseparable, Arias said.

My head assplode.

*Naught but very old Australians will get this one. Sorry – don’t mean to be elitist or anything

I read the news in the hope I will find a cringe-worthy headline and the people at fairfax never disappoint:

The iPod speaker that comes with a built-in tuna

Punography = 7.5/10

Groan factor = 2/10

Great- the headline, not the idea – that poor Siamese fighter looks like all it can do is swish a fin every now and again. Smells a little fishy, hey (HA!) It’s like the veal of the fish world! Shame on you iPod people. SHAME!


Ashes to ashes – that’s another maiden over

Punography = 10/10

Groan factor = 10/10

Honestly. It’s like someone was PRAYING for a chance the only female cricket commentator would get “boned” so they could finally use this one. They had me at ashes to ashes and the maiden over part? ICING ON THE CAKE! I WAS BOWLED OVER! HIT FOR SIX! NO BALL!



Animals’ best friend finds new nest

Punography = 1/10

Groan factor = 10/10

Very poor effort. The “nest” thing is quite over done. Please try harder next time. Here are a few suggestions I am giving away:

Hurricane survivor blows into country.

No need to be cagey in new home.

Any other ideas? Have you seen a punographic headline you’d like to share?

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