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2 questions?

You know you are really missing out on tapping some huge knowledge base right here. And that isn’t a euphemism – get your minds out of the gutter this instant!

Anyways, will answer a bit later so those of you with burning questions, you still have time. It’s 15th Shabaan here tonight which means many an hour praying and repenting and then getting annoyed with the children because they aren’t sleeping ¬†and then repenting some more.

Some times I ask you the questions and then there are other times when you ask me the questions.

This week it is your turn.

Ask me.

Anything. Do not be bashful as my life is truly an open book*

Advice on child rearing/veterinary stuff/words of wisdom. Not only is my life an open book but apparently I am a know it all.

Have at it!

* except for those password protected posts, you know exceptions/rules blah blah

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