Observation: When Dad is asleep, the only way I can wake him up is to whack him on the head with my truck.

Proof of: Newton’s first law of Physics - any object in a state of rest tends to remain in such a state unless acted upon by an external force.

Observation: When I snatch a toy from my brother, he snatches it back

Proof of: Newton’s third law of Physics - every action has an equal and opposite reaction

Observation: Whenever I (accidentally) throw something down the toilet, it’s easier for me to reach (and therefore touch) the water in the toilet

Proof of : Archimedes Principle: When an object floats in a liquid, then the weight of the object is equal to the weight of the volume of liquid it displaces.

Observation: When mum says “soon” it actually means in a very very long time

Proof of: Einstein’s theory of Relativity: Time is relative to the object that experiences it.

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