I’m interested in hearing from nursing Muslimahs who managed to fast during Ramadan (or are going to be fasting this year ). I will be heavily heavily pregnant this Ramadan and inshaAllah baby will arrive AFTER Eid but both boys were a little early (well..39 and 38 weeks) and Allah is indeed the best of planners. Umm Zaynab did have an excellent blog entry about nursing and fasting in the Shafi madhab (and I’d imagine it would be much the same for Hanafis) but I can’t seem to find it…will keep looking.

Here’s what I found from http://www.sunnipath.com for the Hanafis:

Every sane adult has to fast, unless they are legally excused. Pregnant and nursing women are exempted from fasting if they have genuine reason to fear harm to themselves or their child, based on reasonable surety and not merely unfounded fears and worries.

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