You know what I’m talking about, right? There are children who cry for no apparent reason – most of the time they don’t even know why they are teary or angry or upset. Then there are those rare ones who seem to know exactly what is wrong, be able to verbalise it, sure they have a cry but quickly they move on – happy that their feelings have been heard and acknowledged.

My four year old is one such child.

An example:

D: So when Wudsie died then we only had Adam.

Tasmiya: Yes Adam was all by himself.

D: Then Noodles came. But if Adam dies then Noodles will be by himself and then if Noodles dies then we will have no cats.

Tasmiya: That’s right. No more cats. Unless we decide we want another one.

D: I don’t want another one.

Tasmiya: That’s ok then.

D: (Beginning to sob) I want Wud-you back. I want Wud-you to come back.

Tasmiya: Oh my darling. He can’t come back. I can’t bring him back.

D: (More heartfelt weeping) I loved him so much! Adam was always mean to him and Wud-you was so nice.

Tasmiya: (Hugging him and crying too) Yeah, Adam was very mean, wasn’t he?

D: It isn’t fair! Wudsie was the nice cat!

Tasmiya: No. It isn’t fair. You miss him don’t you? We all miss him. He was a wonderful cat.

D: Yes. I miss him so much.

D: Can I have a chocolate?


The finality of death covered? Check!

Life goes on regardless covered? Check!

The unfairness of death covered? Check!

Chocolate heals what ails you – Check!

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