I promise my answers to your questions are coming very soon my lovely ones but I have been very busy.

So where have I been, you may ask?

I have been sunbaking and body surfing, shell collecting and whale watching (don’t hate!) but am finally back home. Husband is home for another few days (don’t hate) and I have totally embraced NOT doing the school run (don’t hate!) while husband fumbles with the children although I must admit he does a much better job at getting them ready than I do (DO NOT HATE!)

Tomorrow my mother has offered (and by offered I mean I called her and asked her if she could please please please only for a couple of hours and she finally relented) to take care of three year old (Genus: Coitus, Species: Interruptus) for a couple of hours tomorrow morning so that husband and I can be ALONE! TOGETHER! ALONE TOGETHER! DURING THE DAY!


Shall we just chill out at  home and watch a movie? Shall I clean the house uninterrupted while husband reads a book uninterrupted? Do we go out for coffee??

Suggestions, if you please.

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