I’m at work but fear not ethical and moral po, am not blogging while at work – I’m using the nifty “publish later” thingo so while you are all relaxing, lazing, chilling on a Saturday and checking out my cat pictures, think of me speaking to owners, vaccinating, lancing abscesses, getting bitten, scratched and being growled at and saving lives; ¬†you know, that sort of stuff.

This is Noodles (aka Meat Noodles Fur, Koonaya, Vookoonaya, Voox)

Noodles was a stray and he is ours now – desexed, vaccinated and dewormed & deflead and all the rest and as you can see, very pampered. The other cats HATE him though and he is forever getting beaten up although he does start a lot of the fights. He used to be friends with a few of the cats down the street but now he isn’t getting along with any of them, either. He’s just misunderstood.


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