1. Non Muslim men - Shut up about it.

2. Non Muslim women - see 1

3. Muslim men - see 1. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m really tired of men speaking for women. ESPECIALLY if your sole reason for supporting niqab is that tempting flesh must be covered because otherwise you can’t possibly keep it in your pants.

4. Muslim women who don’t cover - see 1 ESPECIALLY if you wax lyrical about how it’s all just cultural and it’s just a piece of cloth. Yes FOR YOU it is. Not necessarily for others.

5. Muslim women in hijab - see 1 ESPECIALLY if you feel the need to point out why you don’t wear it. Honestly. Are people not getting it yet? You don’t wear it so why YOU don’t doesn’t mean anything to someone who DOES.

6. Non-Muslim women who wear hijab/niqab for a day and think they know how it feels – SHUT UP.

7. Muslim women in niqab – Talk


Or to summarise:

1. Muslim women in niqab: Talk

2. Everyone else: Friggin’ LISTEN

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