I (along with my friend, Meagan) am giving a talk on Building Resilience in Children tonight.

For those parents in Brisbane – I know it’s short notice and everything but here are the details:

Backbone and Bounce: Building Resilience in our children:

What can parents do to help their children bounce back under adversity, with a basic sense of confidence in themselves in spite of difficult circumstances?

And when a parent has a child who collapses when things are difficult, what can be done to build their resilience?

It is great time to refresh your thinking about resilience as your children face inevitable endings and separation, as well as the transition into Prep or another year at Kindergarten with new friends to make and many changes to adjust to. This talk will present some practical tools to address these issues and help parents to build resilience in their children.

Cost: $10 per family

Contact Meagan: 0422 937 646

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