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Good lord! What a depressing post yesterday. Let us liven things up a little.

Texting with a very good school mum friend of mine the other day: (and yes we text whole stories to each other and we don’t use many abbrev. We are old.)

E: Can’t stop listening to ABC local radio! Am becoming addicted. Did you know there are schools that sell alcohol for school fundraisers!? And there was a massive solar flare last week..with more coming. An interesting fact I mentioned to a young mum on way into school. Interesting fact fell quite flat, especially as I may have sounded like the incredibly excitable astronomist-expert-on-solar-flares that was being interviewed. Know your audience, hey?

T: I too love ABC local radio. Our school fete has alcohol. Not sure how much money school makes out of it though but will be interesting what if anything comes of letter sent to school asking them to stop. Kids and I love Madonna King. When she comes on radio we know we are running late but we don’t mind. It means we get to listen to her. I cannot say the same for kelly in afternoons. She is horrid! We switch to Triple J then which means I am forever coughing or sneezing so children don’t hear the swear words. Only a caring mum would fake cough for her children.

E: You are good! I make up (lie) the word. Are you serious re: alcohol at [our school]? I had no idea. Why? They were talking about trivia nights (as well as fetes etc) Why do you need alcohol for a trivia night. I am always shocked but then not, when it’s at kids parties. [Husband] went to a 6th birthday party on weekend. The v lovely Serbian hosts were making martinis! The host mum asked a sri lankan & asian mum if they wanted a martini? They said they didn’t know what it was. Picking up the ‘ti’ in martini they asked if it was like tea? Host said, “yes. Is like tea.” So they bravely agreed to try one. Next thing [husband] saw was said mums with their cups of mar’tea’nis in martini glasses. Feel certain much was lost in translation.

T: E that is shocking!..and yet…so hilarious! Have you ever been invited to kids bday party at local pub? Yes! Pubs do kid’s parties! Look out for beer garden at this yr’s school fete. I do remember seeing it one year. Not sure which.

E: ok. Kids pub party is simply worst idea I have ever heard! Cant’ believe they exist. Can we sabotage beer garden? Siphon out & replace with apple juice? Apple juice garden? I seriously had no idea schools did this. I just assumed it didn’t happen. People (friends) have brought alcohol to our kids’ parties. Awkward.


Might talk more about this later – off to visit my mum!

I have just received an email from a sister in NSW selling halal gelatine (from halaal slaughtered cattle no less!) as well as other yummy confectionary. HALAL ROCKY ROAD!

Here is her link – be sure to check it out

Just Halal


“Hi! I’m your new avon rep in this area.”

“Hi. You know my sons and I love your catalogues.”

“That’s lovely to hear. If you need anything, my number is on the back of the catalogue and you can order direct from me.”

“Great! Thanks! I’m Tasmiya by the way.”

“I’m Deaf-knee.”


“Deaf. Knee?”

“Yes, Deaf-knee.”


“Ok. Thanks Deaf-knee.”


“It’s spelled D-A-P-H-N-E.”

“OHHHHHH! Daphne!”

“Yes. We just moved up here from Nu Zelund.”


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