You named our daughter what?

The parents had agreed to name the girl Ava Grace, but father Mark Ciptak instead filled out the birth certificate with the political name to draw attention to the candidates, he told local newspaper the Kingsport Times News.

(emphasis mine)







Because well, it’s not like every minute of every hour the whole world is hearing about the candidates, is it?

I think it’s more that the father wanted to draw attention to himself.


I have been very busy organising my life or at the very least avoiding organising my life but I have to embellish a little because nobody wants to read about how utterly boring my life is at the moment. So yes, I have been doing many an exciting and adventurous thing cosying up to celebrities such as Ajax Floor Cleanser, Vax and Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid and everyone’s favourite star –  Harpic Toilet Cleaner.

I even have autographs!

That made no sense whatsoever.


I have been hopeless at going to the gym of late and my diet has consisted of handfuls of Milo cereal at stressful points in my day WHICH MEANS CONSTANTLY, chocolate and biscuits and then a protein shake to try to balance it out. Hint – it is not balancing it out.


I will be attending a seminar for Muslimahs. This time the topic is marriage (groan). If anyone needs seminars on marriage it’s the Muslim men! I mean, help out with the cooking and cleaning and LOOKING AFTER THE CHILD THAT YOU HELPED BRING INTO THIS WORLD YOU LAZY SODS*. You aren’t going to lose your masculinity if you pick up a broom and sweep when you see your wife is elbow deep in dishes or elbow deep in nappy duty. And while we are on that note – you aren’t going to lose your manhood if you change some nappies once in a blue moon.

*This of course does not include husband because he is wonderful mashaAllah mashaAllah.


I have to go and pray now and pray 2 rakats extra for shukr for having such a great hubsand.

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